TOMZON T4W Drones with 2K Camera Review: Worth the Hype?

Are you searching for a beginner-friendly drone that offers stunning visuals and impressive features? Recently, we had the chance to test the TOMZON T4W drone, and it left us impressed.

Along with its impressive 2K UHD camera, the T4W drone boasts an adjustable 120° wide-angle lens that captures clear, stunning visuals. The FPV transmission delivers lag-free real-time video to your smartphone, making it a perfect choice for both beginners and experienced flyers.


The drone offers a control range of 328 feet and an impressive 263-foot transmission range. With 36 minutes of flight time on two batteries, sky exploration has never been this enjoyable and convenient. The T4W drone is also equipped with a low-power/signal alarm, ensuring a safe flight experience.

New flyers will appreciate the altitude hold feature, which stabilizes the drone at a specific height, making it easy to take beautiful aerial shots. The one-key calibration and takeoff feature helps beginners master the art of flying seamlessly. The drone also includes multiple fun functions, such as circle fly, trajectory flight, 3D flips, and gravity mode, to enhance your flying experience.

Bottom Line

The TOMZON T4W drone has something to offer everyone, from beginners to experienced flyers. With its portable design, powerful camera, and fun features, it’s an excellent choice for aerial photography or just some fun in the sky.

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Overview of TOMZON T4W Drones with 2K Camera

We recently took the T4W drone for a spin, and we were pretty impressed with its capabilities. This camera drone by TOMZON sports a 2.7K wide-angle FPV camera that provides a clear and lag-free view on smartphones. Plus, its 90° adjustable lens allows for capturing breathtaking landscapes with ease. The drone comes with two batteries, providing up to 36 minutes of flight time, perfect for exploring the skies.

The T4W is beginner-friendly, offering features like altitude hold and one-key calibration for easy drone flight mastering. It also has a 328FT flying range and 263FT transmission range, making it a solid choice for long-range enthusiasts. A low-power alarm ensures safe flights in various situations.

What sets the T4W apart is its array of exciting functions, such as Circle Fly, Trajectory Flight, Gravity Mode, and 3D Flips. We found that these features not only added fun to our flying experience but also improved our drone skills.

The drone comes with a portable handbag, making it incredibly easy to carry on trips. TOMZON also offers excellent customer support, ensuring a stress-free experience for all drone fliers.

So, is the T4W perfect? Not exactly. The drone reportedly has a few minor issues, such as being hard to control for some users and having limited battery life. Nevertheless, the TOMZON T4W drone is still a great choice for beginners or adults looking to explore the skies with a portable and feature-packed drone.

Key Features

As drone enthusiasts, we thoroughly tested the TOMZON T4W drone and were excited to share our experience with its key features. In this section, we will explore the following aspects of the drone:

2K UHD Camera with FPV Transmission

The TOMZON T4W drone is equipped with a 2.7K UHD 120° wide-angle camera for capturing stunning images and videos, perfect for thrilling adventures. Additionally, the 90° adjustable lens allows us to get a panoramic view of the landscape or focus on specific details for high-resolution shots. Its reliable and lag-free FPV (First Person View) transmission on our smartphone has made the flying experience even more immersive.

Extended Flight Experience

With 2 batteries included, we enjoyed a total of 36 minutes of flight time, which greatly extended our exploration range. The drone can fly up to 328 feet (100 meters) away from us while maintaining a strong signal transmission of up to 263 feet (80 meters). Additionally, the drone is fitted with low-power and signal alarms to ensure safety during flights.

User-Friendly Flight Controls

The TOMZON T4W is designed for both beginners and experienced pilots. The altitude hold feature allows the drone to maintain a steady height without drifting, making it easier for new flyers to control. The one-key calibration and takeoff function helped us start flying within minutes, and its 3-speed adjustments ensure a smooth flight experience.

Versatile Flight Modes

This drone offers several engaging flight modes:

  • Circle Fly/Self Spin: The drone can rotate along a circular path or spin in one spot.
  • Trajectory Flight/Gravity Mode: Perform intelligent functions using the drone’s companion app.
  • 3D Flips: The T4W can perform 360° rolls in the air, allowing us to practice exciting aerial tricks.

Portability and Support

We loved the convenience of the included sturdy carry bag, which made it easy to store and transport the foldable T4W drone. As it weighs less than 250 grams, we didn’t have to worry about FAA registration. Additionally, the drone supports 4-128GB TF cards for storing more high-quality videos and images (TF card not included). TOMZON offers a one-year warranty, 7/24 online help, and dedicated support for any issues with the drone.

Pros and Cons


The TOMZON T4W drone boasts a 2K UHD camera, providing a crisp, clear view with a 120° wide-angle lens. Adjusting the 90° adjustable lens allows for an impressive landscape view. With a control range of 328 ft and a transmission distance of 263 ft, users can enjoy a safe flying experience. Additionally, the drone comes with 2 batteries, offering a total of 36 minutes of flight time.

This drone is also a great option for beginners, as it features altitude hold, one key calibration, and easy takeoff functionality. TOMZON T4W provides a stable flight experience, allowing new users to quickly master the controls. Moreover, with 3 adjustable speeds, the drone is suitable for various skill levels.

Not only is the TOMZON T4W easy to use, but it also features a range of fun additional functions. Circle Fly, Self Spin, Trajectory Flight, Gravity Mode, and 3D Flips provide a variety of ways for users to enjoy their drones. Furthermore, the drone comes with a portable carrying bag and supports TF cards for extra storage.

Lastly, the TOMZON brand offers excellent customer service, providing a one-year warranty and 24/7 online support. This helps users feel confident in their purchase and ensures a positive drone experience.


Despite the many positives of the TOMZON T4W drone, some users have reported issues with flying and battery life. Some found the drone difficult to control, and one user claimed that their drone broke within the first flight. Another user mentioned their drone only lasted for 7 minutes of flying before the battery died.

Additionally, the drone’s lightweight design may cause issues with stability in windy conditions. Its range may also be limiting for some users, as it has a maximum distance of 100 meters.

In conclusion, the TOMZON T4W drone offers a range of impressive features with some setbacks. Its pros include its camera quality, control range, beginner-friendly features, and additional flight functions. However, potential buyers should consider possible difficulties with control, battery life, and stability in windy conditions.

Ease of Use for Beginners

Stepping into the world of drones can be a daunting experience for beginners, but the TOMZON T4W truly simplifies the process. We found the altitude hold function to be especially useful, as it maintains the drone’s height without drifting, allowing beginners to focus on mastering the controls. The one-key calibration and take-off features also make it a breeze for new flyers to start their first flight within just a few minutes.

The T4W drone offers 3-speed adjustments, catering to the skill levels of various pilots. The 2.4G Wifi control provides smooth maneuverability and ensures the drone stays under control.

Additionally, we appreciate the user-friendly multi-functional features, such as circle fly, self-spin, trajectory flight, and gravity mode, which allow beginners to explore and enhance their flying skills with fun and engaging tricks. The included sturdy carry bag makes it convenient to transport the drone on trips, and with the foldable design and weight of less than 250g, there’s no need to worry about FAA registration.

Though some reviews mentioned difficulty in flying and battery life issues, our overall experience with the TOMZON T4W left us confident in its ease of use for beginners. The clear instructions, app functionality, and variety of skill-accommodating features make it an excellent choice for those entering the drone world.

Customer Reviews

We’ve taken the time to explore the TOMZON T4W drone customer reviews and can provide you with an insightful summary of the good and bad points of this product. Most users found the T4W drones a great choice for beginners, with a user-friendly app and fairly easy instructions. The camera quality is impressive, providing good photos and videos for the price.

However, some users have encountered issues with the drone. A few reported that it only kept battery life for about 7 minutes, well below the advertised 36 minutes. One user mentioned the drone breaking during the first flight, possibly due to its lightweight build. The remote control range seems to be shorter than expected, around 100 meters, which may limit your flying experience.

Despite these drawbacks, overall, the TOMZON T4W drone has an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars from 20 ratings, making it a solid option for beginners looking to get into drone flying.

After-Sales Service

Based on our experience with the TOMZON T4W drone, the after-sales service can be a bit of a mixed bag. Some customers reported issues with the drone – such as difficulty in flying, unstable performance, or battery life problems – whereas others have had a smooth experience with the product.

Throughout our use of this drone, we did notice some minor problems, but nothing too serious. We found that reaching out to TOMZON’s customer support led to varying degrees of assistance. In some cases, they were quick to resolve issues and provide guidance, while in other instances, the communication seemed slow or unresponsive.

It’s worth noting that for many users, the TOMZON T4W drone has been a satisfactory purchase. It’s well-suited for beginners with features such as one key takeoff/landing and altitude hold. The 2K camera is a nice touch, and 36 minutes of total flight time (with the included two batteries) is relatively impressive for a drone in this price range.

However, potential buyers should be aware of the occasional after-sales service inconsistencies. Should any problems arise with your TOMZON T4W drone, you might have to be persistent in seeking support and resolving issues.


In our experience with the TOMZON T4W drone, we found that it offers a good balance between features and usability for beginners. The 2K camera quality is decent, and the foldable design makes it convenient to carry around. The one-key take-off/land function and altitude hold simplify the learning process for new users.

However, we did notice a few drawbacks. Some users reported difficulty in flying the drone and issues with battery life. The average flight time of 7-9 minutes could be improved. Additionally, the drone’s lightweight build may affect its stability, making it prone to losing control in certain conditions.

Overall, the TOMZON T4W drone is a suitable option for those who are new to the world of drones. It offers essential features at an affordable price, but be mindful of its limitations. Practice and caution are essential for avoiding any potential mishaps.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 2K camera on the Tomzon T4W compare to those on other models like the D65?

The 2K camera on the Tomzon T4W offers a crisp, clear, and detailed 2.7K resolution with a 120° wide-angle view. It also features a 90° adjustable lens, allowing users to capture a range of beautiful aerial shots. While it’s difficult to make a direct comparison with all drone models, the T4W’s camera competes well with other drones like the D65. Many users have praised the T4W’s 2K camera for its impressive performance.

Is the Tomzon T4W suitable for beginners and what features assist in easy operation?

Yes, the Tomzon T4W is a beginner-friendly drone designed to make flying easy and enjoyable for those new to the hobby. It features an altitude hold, which stabilizes the drone at a set height without drifting. The one-key calibration and takeoff systems help new pilots get the drone off the ground and fly with minimal hassle. Additionally, the T4W offers three adjustable speed settings to help beginner drone pilots ease into flying smoothly.

What is the typical battery life and charge time for the Tomzon T4W drone?

The Tomzon T4W drone comes with two batteries, each providing 18 minutes of flight time for a combined total of 36 minutes. This is relatively impressive for its category. The battery recharge time is not specified, but typical drone recharge times range from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the charger and battery capacity used.

Can the Tomzon T4W drone be operated via smartphone, and if so, which app is required?

Yes, the Tomzon T4W drone can be operated using a smartphone and utilizes a 2.4G Wi-Fi connection for smooth control. The user manual and the app store will provide specific information on which app to download for the drone’s operation. This will enable FPV (First Person View) transmission and access to interesting features like trajectory flight and gravity mode.

What are the warranty terms for the Tomzon T4W drone, and what does it cover?

Tomzon offers a one-year warranty for the T4W drone. They provide dedicated customer support, with a 7/24 online help system and customized usage tips. The warranty terms cover product defects, and Tomzon is available to assist with any issues that users might encounter during the drone’s use.

How does the flight range of the Tomzon T4W stack up against other drones in its price category?

The Tomzon T4W drone boasts an impressive 328 ft (100m) flight range and a 263 ft (80m) long transmission range. This performance is competitive among other drones in its price category and has received positive feedback from users. It also features a low-power/signal alarm to alert the pilot when the drone’s power or signal strength is low, ensuring safe flights and landings.

Overall, the Tomzon T4W is an excellent option for beginners, offering a good balance of features, functionality, and affordability. With a clear and detailed 2K camera, generous battery life, and user-friendly design, it’s sure to provide an enjoyable drone flying experience for users of all skill levels.

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